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The Goddesses Mokosh and the Linden Tree in Skopje


This magical illustration is inspired by one of the stories collected by Marko Cepenkov, a legendary figure in the world of Macedonian folklore. In Macedonian mythology, the Earth is divided into three levels: the Middle Earth where we live, the Lower Earth below us, and the Upper Earth above us. The bridge in the middle connects these worlds, while the goddess Mokosh weaves them together with her spindle, symbolized here as a linden tree. Mokosh watches over spinning, weaving, and childbirth, and is a cherished figure in our folklore and mythology. The Stone Bridge and the linden tree are two of the most recognizable symbols of Skopje, and they come to life in this enchanting illustration.

🌳The linden tree is a powerful symbol of Skopje and a key element in my Storytelling Skopje program. Its presence evokes a sense of connection and nostalgia, reminding us of the beauty and charm of this city. Join me on a journey of discovery through Skopje’s rich heritage and let the linden tree be your guide.🌳

Our fairytale heritage is our temple of knowledge, and I am thrilled to share a piece of it with you.