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The Holy Oak of Skopje


Did you know that Skopje is home to the majestic Holy Oak? 🌿

This may 2023 I had an incredible experience at the Europe House Skopje’s event celebrating #europeday in Gazi Baba Forest Park. Alongside the fantastic music, there were plenty of activities to explore. One of my personal highlights was joining a tour led by young biology students from the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Skopje. And guess what we discovered? A magnificent holy oak, also known as an evergreen oak, thriving in Gazi Baba.

🌿 Unlike common oaks, this extraordinary tree retains its lush green leaves throughout the year, earning its name as an “evergreen oak.” 🍃

According to Macedonian folk beliefs, the oak tree possesses mystical powers that safeguard homes against fire and lightning. It’s a well-known tradition to include oak branches during Christmas, the most significant Christian holiday. However, even today, people decorate their doors with oak twigs on occasions like St. George’s Day and St. Demetrious Day, seeking health and well-being for their families. ❤️

🌳 So, next time you come across oak twigs, take a moment to appreciate nature’s wonders and remember to treat it with utmost respect. 🙏🍃