Calling all history buffs, mythology enthusiasts, and those seeking an unforgettable experience! Prepare to delve into the depths of Macedonian heritage and witness the awe-inspiring magic of our ancient mythology firsthand. From witches and Baba Roga to majestic dragons and fearsome monsters, let your curiosity run wild as we explore the rich tapestry of myths and legends that have shaped our culture. 🧙‍♀️🐉😈

Join me as we unlock the secrets of Macedonian folklore, unearthing the truth behind captivating tales and discovering the real wonders hidden within. Traverse mystical forests and rivers, where mythical creatures dwell, and learn about the legends and myths associated with sacred trees, mystical objects or enchanting people. 🌳🌲🌿


  • Mysterious Legends Unveiled: Embark on a journey that will unravel the secrets of Macedonian mythology.
  • Discover the stories behind rusalka, moon magic witch, or healer, are these mythical creatures purely fiction or rooted in reality?
  • Immersive Live Experience which connect the dots and uncover the origins of Macedonian cherished folk tails.
  • Specially Designed Artifacts which serve as clues and tools to connect the details how to create a magical story.
  • Unique opportunity to connect with nature and embrace the rich heritage that surrounds us
  • Discovering the truth behind age-old tales you will learn about the methods how to obtain magical powers.

🕛 Duration – 1,5 -2 hours
👥 Group size – variable
📅 Includes – Mythical map, Magical manual, Decks of mythical cards, Tokens & Tasks to solve
💻 Media – Maps, Drawings, Envelops with tasks
🗨  Hosted in English or Macedonian

But, this is no ordinary experience – it’s an immersive adventure that will transport you to a realm of wonder. Prepare to embark on a gamified experience, where adventure games and mystery solving converge to create an interactive and educational journey like no other. Engage with fellow participants, unravel puzzles, decipher codes, and overcome challenges as you strive to connect the threads of our folk traditions, unveiling the origins of our captivating customs. 🧩✨🗺️

As you embark on this incredible quest, you will receive a meticulously designed and handcrafted map, accompanied by the enchanting ‘Magical Manual.’ These tools, along with tokens and decks of cards featuring mythical creatures, will guide you through the intertwining worlds of both reality and fantasy. Follow secret directions, piece together the puzzle-like details, and let your ingenuity shine as you discover the profound wisdom and shared history woven into the very fabric of our heritage. 📜🔍💫

The adventure is extremely suitable for family bonding and creating lasting memories together

With a variety of challenges that require teamwork and collaboration, participants of all ages can contribute their unique perspectives of creating a mythological fairytale. Additionally, the interactive and gamified nature of the adventure makes it a fun and engaging experience that is sure to bring families closer together. So gather your loved ones and embark on this exciting adventure in the Skopje City Park!

Team building

Enjoy the flexibility of taking the adventure alone, as a group, or as a team – collaboration and teamwork can make all the difference! I provide a customizable experience that caters to your specific needs and preferences.

Meeting point: Skopje City Park
Time: On request
Language: English, Macedonian
Storyteller: Certified heritage interpreter and licensed tour guide
Getting around: Walking

Price base on:

Number of participants     1-4      5-10      10+

Price per group               €100    €150      €15/person

Family price base on:
2 adults + 1 child      (up to 12) – €80

2 adults + 2 children (up to 12) – €85

2 adults + 3 children (up to 12) – €90

This adventure contributes to:

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