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Empowering all who inspire meaningful connections with natural, cultural and intangible heritage to shape our common future!

At Storytelling Skopje, we firmly believe that our clients are not merely customers; they are our valued partners in the shared journey of heritage exploration. By choosing to join on our gamified activities, experiences or trainings, they are not just purchasing an experience – they are investing in the preservation and celebration of our rich heritage legacy.

Heritage is a collective treasure, and we extend our gratitude to all those who, through their support, become partners our mission to make the heritage tapestry accessible to all who hold it in high esteem. Together, let us unlock the stories of the past, and ensure that the beauty of heritage remains a source of inspiration for generations to come.

Our experiences and activities in generally contributes to:

Sustainability – is at the heart of our mission. We are committed to minimizing our environmental impact, promoting responsible tourism practices, and fostering a future where the beauty of heritage coexists harmoniously with the preservation of our planet. Let’s enjoy Skopje today and keep it beautiful for generations to come.

Teamwork – join us in our journey toward a sustainable tomorrow as we work together to protect, celebrate, and pass on the treasures of our heritage to generations yet to come. Heritage has the power to make our shared values more meaningful to people and, in turn, make people more mindful of those values.

Heritage for all – has been our enduring belief. Despite our academic background, we’ve always seen sharing our common heritage with the general audience as an investment in our future.

As an interpretive trainer and the current Interpret Europe Country Coordinator for Macedonia, I align with the ethos that ‘Heritage should be accessible for all people.’ Through interpretive methodology and tools, I strive to breathe life into our heritage, making it universally accessible.

Vasilka Dimitrovska, M. Sci.
Founder of Storytelling Skopje