🌟 Welcome to Storytelling Skopje, where I believe that storytelling is not just a form of entertainment but also an incredible way to explore the world and learn about different cultures! πŸ“–

As a lover of working with children, I have seen firsthand how stories can spark a child’s imagination and curiosity about the world around them. From tales of brave heroes and magical creatures to historical events, stories have that kind of power to teach us valuable lessons about empathy, understanding, and diversity. 🌎

And what better way to preserve our cultural heritage than by sharing the stories of our ancestors with our children? By passing on their memories, values, and beliefs, we can keep their legacies alive for generations to come. πŸ™Œ

So, whether you’re young or old, let us come together to share our stories, listen to others, and appreciate the richness and diversity of our collective heritage. Join me on my experiences and let’s keep the tradition of storytelling alive! 🌟

I divided my work with children into:

  • experiences
  • treasure hunts
  • quests
  • thematic walks
  • workshops
  • trainings

I’ve created quite an experience for children within my organization HAEMUS and the educational platform “Young Explorer” we own and its dedicated for education of young generation throughout a heritage interpretation and first-hand experience.

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