This adventure will take you back in time to the 1920s and 1930s, allowing you to experience what life was like in Skopje during this period. Immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, and stories of this captivating era with our historical journey. While we are exploring historic buildings, you’ll get to walk along streets lined with old palaces while you discover the stories behind these buildings and their owners.

Don’t miss out on this unforgettable experience! Discover the romantic tales and captivating history of Skopje’s iconic buildings. Find out more about the famous landmarks that graced the covers of postcards and learn about the passionate love stories that inspired the construction of some houses. You’ll get to visit the hotel where Zorba the Greek lived in Skopje. See the beautiful Art Nouveau and Jugendstil patterns on the façades of the buildings while you admire the intricate designs and learn about the artistic movements that inspired them.

You’ll get a chance to explore Skopje’s bohemian quarter, soaking up the lively atmosphere and discovering the unique shops and restaurants that call this area home. Your experience will end with a tasting of boza, a traditional fermented beverage according to a recipe that’s been passed down for generations within the same family. Just like every our other experience, this one has a twist and it’s full with clues and riddles you’ll never forget.


  • Step into the past and explore Skopje’s iconic landmarks on our walking experience!
  • Discover the hotel where Zorba the Greek occasionally stayed while he lived in Skopje!
  • Admire the beautiful façades of Skopje’s historic buildings adorned with Art Nouveau and Jugendstil ornaments!
  • Be for a moment a Tito’s pioneer. Wait, what? Well you’ll see!
  • Join us as we explore the largest old palace in Skopje, currently used by the Government!
  • Taste the traditional fermented beverage boza according to a 100-year-old recipe on our walking tour!

🕛 Duration – 2 up to 2,5 hours
👥 Group size – variable
📅 Includes – Old Photos, Maps
💻 Media – Maps, Drawings, Videos
🗨  Hosted in English

Discover hidden stories, unlock secrets, and collect unique “coloring postcards” along the way. Craft your own story about old Skopje with our creative and customizable “color-your-own postcards.”

Our experience is inspired by the real people and events that shaped Skopje over a century ago. Discover the stories that still captivate us today. Step into the magical world of “Palaces of Old Skopje,” where real-life tales have been passed down from person to person, shaping Skopje into the vibrant city it is today! Experience it for yourself Skopje like never before on our walking adventure that takes you back in time to the 1920s and 1930s! 

Departure: Skopje Fortress
Duration: up to 2,5 hours
Time: On request
Language: English
Guide: Certified heritage interpreter
Getting around: Walking

Price base on:
Number of participants     1-4      5-10      10-20       20 +
Price per group:              €100    €120      €140     €8/person

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