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Mythical Adventure at Storytelling Festival 2023


🌳 Embark on a Mythic Adventure: Unveiling Skopje’s Enchanting Forest Creatures! 🌳

I am thrilled to share a glimpse of “Mythic Adventure: Skopje’s forest creatures and how to find them,” an extraordinary journey presented by Storytelling Skopje during the captivating three-day storytelling symposium hosted by Skaznuvalka publishing house.

👥 Event: “Let’s tell our stories” Symposium by Skaznuvalka
📅 Date: June 18th, 2023
📍 Location: Skopje City’s Park
📸 Photo: @volcko_volckovski

With boundless love and a wealth of expertise, I craft immersive, gamified social experiences as part of Storytelling Skopje’s heritage interpretation program. Being part of a community that values children and cherishes stories fills me with joy. Each meticulously designed item and prop within Storytelling Skopje is lovingly handcrafted by me, truly, paying homage to traditional crafts and art. Prepare for an unforgettable, authentic exploration of our local heritage! ❤

🔗Discover more about our Mythical Adventure here.

♥️✨💕Heartfelt thanks to Skaznuvalka publishing house for this incredible partnership.